Будуємо країну, в якій хочеться жити
Development company «My Country» (Moya Krayina) Our company supports and runs the construction of housing and commercial property from the idea to the commissioning. The company is represented by the powerful, qualified and trustworthy team of professionals with the advanced experience in architecture and planning, construction of housing, industrial and commercial property of I-V levels of complexity accompanied by the lawyers and experienced immobility sales-managers. We have combined the experience of each team member to execute the construction projects of the highest quality standards. Our Company’s Main Principles
Legality We do not «sell the air». We start up the construction and sales process only when we have all the authorization documents and follow to the legal regulations. We use the service of the professional lawyers and financial specialists to support the contracts with our clients.
Quality of Work and Materials While building housing and industrial buildings we use the newest technologies to make the property with the top quality level and with the highest speed. We use only eco-friendly and health-secure building and decorating materials.
Security and Comfort We create the most comfortable living space: smart apartment planning, modern landscape design of the surrounding territories, multifunctional sports grounds, kindergartens, underground parking lots, surveillance system for the security of house-owners and smart-house technologies.
Energy-saving Our company follows the progress. While planning and constructing the buildings we use the newest energy-saving technologies, materials, equipment so the future residents would save money on their utility bills.
Social responsibility Each of our objects is done friendly for elderly people and people with disabilities: with proper ramps and lifting platforms.
Respect for the architectural heritage We respect historical and architectural heritage of Lviv. We are sure it is possible to develop the housing market without destroying the biggest value of Lviv — its’ architectural environment.
We guarantee your clients the highest construction quality for fair price and ensure the objects to be in the operation on time.
Our Team «Professional, trustworthy and open» are the features applying to each team-member of Developent Company «My Country». We are the team of the top people from architecture, planning and construction of housing, industrial buildings and commercial property, experienced property managers and sales-people, advertisement and PR specialists
Volodymyr Pekar An economist, successful entrepreneur, political and civil activist. The founder of «Propet Print» company, was twice the member of Novoyariv city council and the candidate for the member of National Parliament in 2014. The co-founder of Development Company «My Country». «The future of my children is in Ukraine. That’s why I do everything I can to change our country to the better so we could be proud of it. Thus, my working-principle is to over-perform the expectations of clients and partners»
Maryana Kharchenko An economist, specialist in putting the construction projects into operation, experienced property manager and seller. The co-founder of Development Company «My Country». «I really appreciate people being sincere, open and honest. I teach these principles to my daughter and follow them in my work as well»
Tetiana Ovcherenko The editor-in-chief of «Lviv Portal» Information Portal, the founder of Advertisement and PR Agency «Agency «Partner», assistant to the Member of Parliament. The co-founder of Development Company «My Country». «I have a sharp feeling of responsibility and justice. „A new country should be built by your own hands not in the Facebook“ This Quote of famous Ukrainian poet Sergii Zhadan is the best to characterize how I set up my personal and professional aims now»
Margaryta Koverko An experienced manager and marketing specialists with the background in foreign companies like construction corporation AMD Group Inc. She is a specialist in putting buildings into operation and selling the immobility. The co-founder of Development Company «My Country». «I always go forward and find new possibilities to make the dreams come true»
Olesya Vasyunyk An economist and lawyer. She is a senior financial analyst. The co-founder of Development Company «My Country». «Sincerity, trust and humaneness are the principles guiding my life. Additionally, in my work to achieve the high-quality results I follow the principles of responsibility and purposefulness».
Robert Kramarczuk, PhD Professor of University of Minnesota, CEO of «Bok & Associates». He was a senior consultant to the Minister of Economic Development Trade of Ukraine specialized in the field of technology transfer, strategic planning, finances and marketing. Mr. Kramarzhuk founded International Academy of Science and Technology Management within Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The co-founder of Development Company «My Country». «My parents were Ukrainians and I have a great love for Ukraine. During all my life I support Ukrainian future, future of Ukrainian state».
Igor Yablonskii CEO of «Construction Company «VIP Alliance», general constructor. He is advanced and wide-acclaimed expert in the construction supervision field. He did the technological supervision of housing and recreational buildings, office buildings (e.g. General Consulate of Republic of Poland in Lviv), Andrii Sheptytsky National Museum, technical production buildings, kindergartens, road construction works and many others. In between 2010-2015 — he did the technological supervision of 86 building objects of I — V levels of complexity.
Evhen Tsarov An experienced and wide-acclaimed specialist in the architecture, construction and planning field. The founder and CEO of «Logistruct LLC». This company has accomplished 80 industrial and housing projects, including Western tribune and media center of «ARENA-LVIV» stadium, autocenter and production facilities of «Nissan» in Kyiv; housing on Lychakivska, Buchmy, Roksolyany, Lysenka streets in Lviv, washing-machines factory in Ivano-Frankivsk and others. «Our top priority is the quality of our execution that follows all the criteria set up by the client. We follow up the process from the idea to the final operation».
Volodymyr Ivaneyko Construction engineer and authorized specialist in architecture, construction and planning field with more than 10 years of experience. He is construction engineer of «Logistruct LLC» projects. Among the main projects around Ukraine are reconstruction and enlargement of industrial giants like Private Joint-Stock Company «Sumykhimprom» and Zaporizhia Titanium-Marganese Plant.
Oleg Lavriniv The head architect of many projects, experienced and wide-acclaimed specialist in the architecture, construction and planning field with more than 10 years of experience. He is the author of «Logistruct LLC»’s projects that made more than 80 industrial and housing projects in Lviv, Lviv region, Ternopil region, Khmelnitsyi, Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi and Uzhgorod.. «We know how to bring the most creative ideas to life and how to execute the most complex objects»
from 20 400 uah / m2 *promotional offers are in force
Котеджний двір «Панич» Комплекс з 8 котеджів у Сокільниках
85 000 $
Євського Таунхауси на вулиці Євського, 18 у Львові
155 000 $
Таунхауси на Насінній Комплекс з 5 таунхаусів на вул. Насінна, 7 у Львові
990 $ / м2
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